A Granheim (Self) Photography OCCA 2020

Maybe you’re just lost,
Or maybe I’m the one.
I would have loved you at any cost,
But you’re love goes everywhere,
So now I’m done.

Gambling with these hearts,
Full house, ace of spades,
I refuse to play the part,
Of just another of your names,
Worn on your sleeve.
Babe, it’s not me,
You’re looking for.

Do you even know what you’re looking for?
Can’t find love behind every door,
Hearts on posts, photos of ghosts,
But you want more.
Not satisfied with what you’re getting in life,
Because you can’t see just what you do,
Babe you seem to be forgetting loves…

You are to me,

The very most pure definition of love.

As certain as this bed of California stars shines from above,

You are the closet thing I’ve ever felt to unconditional love.

I thank you for that.

For showing me chances are worth taking,

Stories are worth making,

And hearts are worth breaking.

There will never be another who could make me feel what you do.

And maybe I tell your friends it isn’t you,

It’s him, as to create a diversion from the fraction of truth that could only be that to me, you are love.

I am…

A. Granheim/2019

What is tomorrow good for,
If not for loving you?
Days pass by me like feathers in the wind,
And still I think of you.
Sand between toes,
Smiles in the snow,
L.A to Lake Minnetonka.
Why are you everywhere I fucking go?
Or is it just because your soul craves my soul.
Or is it just because I built up your ego,
Only to tear it back down again.

Sunshine and smiles,
Distance and miles,
The Golden Gate sways,
Leads me to the lake where I know I will find you,
and that beat up old skateboard,
Still up to your old ways.
Riding that…

Today I love you more than I did yesterday,
When I said I was done.
When I realized I was wrong,
And the world was overwhelming.

I could never not love you,
It is what I was put on this earth to do.
I would like to sometimes believe it was true,
That I don’t want to love you,
But those are the words that I wrote out of feelings,
The same feelings that I succumb too.

As sure as the sun rises each morning,
You should know it’s you that is first on my mind. …


On the day I stop loving you,

The sun will set beautifully in the sky.

The radio will play my favorite song,

I won’t even need to say goodbye,

You’ll just know.

On the day I stop loving you,

You’ll have proved you love her still.

What should have been never will,

And I will walk away without even so much as a glance in your direction.

Babe. Such a strong word with little meaning, but enough to show me where you choose to be.

Love, what I felt for you for years gone by,

And just like the…

Angiest G Huntington Beach 2020

It will be grand, this old bandana and your hand,
Digging our toes deep in the sand,
Watching sunsets and ocean waves.
Do dreams really come true?
Because for so long now, I’ve been dreaming about you.
Wondering what life would be like if I had you standing here next to me, Loving you to infinity, and beyond.
With every word of every song I sing to you. T
here’s something about the way,
Your words calm me to the core ,
And you always leave me wanting more every time you walk away.
And even as days go by,
Knowing that you’ll never…

Here I am,
Sitting, wondering where the time went to again.
Just me alone writing this song,
Feeling like I lost my only friend,
The days pass by,
And I wonder why I keep doing this to you.

And there you are,
Looking just as beautiful as a silver shooting star,
I remember you’d sing along to every song,that I played in my car
The road was long,the words were wrong, but I was smiling.
And now I see,
That time was never really much of a friend to me.

Days go by and minutes fly like raindrops in a…

Photo by self, Angiest Marie, 2019

You ask me if I am in love with you, and I question why you even have to ask.

Am I in love with you?
I have loved you since the first moment your voice spoke my name.

I have been in love with you for so long now that I think of you with every love song that my heart sings along to.

You are like the sunrise on a perfect morning, and the sunset that my eyes would want to see even if were the last I ever glanced at.

Am I in love with you?

Lost Angiest

Los Angeles based writer and lyricist. Just a soul mixed with chaos and art.

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